Girl With Cerebral Palsy Gets Poignant Hospital Visit From Boyfriend

VIDEO: India Brainard, 15, received a surprise visit from her boyfriend Daniel on Thursday.

After cuddling with her sister in the hospital earlier this week, India Brainard got another special hospital visitor Thursday: her boyfriend.

India, who is 15 and has cerebral palsy, underwent grueling surgery earlier this year in Boston, where she spent 57 days in the hospital. Still recovering from unexplained pain, she is now in another hospital in New Mexico.

Her father, Donnie Brainard, arranged for the surprise visit and filmed the whole thing on his cellphone.

"So if you could see anybody today, who would you want to see? Daniel?" Brainard asks from behind his camera, which is trained on India, who sits quietly in her wheelchair with her eyes closed. "Gosh, wouldn't that be amazing if Daniel were to show up today?"

As he talks, Daniel's wheelchair is being pushed forward in the background. Suddenly, Brainard turns India's wheelchair around to face Daniel, whom Donnie Brainard has described as "equally disabled."

India's face breaks into an ear-to-ear smile as she says his name over and over again.

"I told you he was going to come and see you!" Brainard says as he films.

As they reach for each others' hands, India says "da-da da-da," and Brainard swiftly butts in.

"No, you guys can't get married," he says playfully. "No 'da-da da-da'"

India Brainard, 15, who has cerebral palsy, got a surprise hospital visit from her boyfriend Thursday. (Credit: Courtesy Donnie Brainard)

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