Follow a Michigan Teen as He Carries His Brother 40 Miles

Hunter Gandee, 14, holds his brother Braden Gandee, 7, in a harness on his back on Saturday. (Detroit Free Press, Eric D. Lawrence/AP Photo)

A Michigan teen may earn the title of world's best brother, as he embarked on a 40-mile journey today while carrying his younger brother to help raise awareness about cerebral palsy.

Hunter Gandee, 14, trained for months to carry his younger brother Braden, 7, on the trek in the hopes that others would be inspired to learn more about cerebral palsy. Braden suffers from the disease and as a result is unable to walk without help.

Dubbed the "Cerebral Palsy Swagger," the march was designed by Hunter Gandee and his family to get the attention of the next generation of researchers, scientists, and doctors to show them "the face" of cerebral palsy. They hope to inspire experts to develop new medical procedures and mobility devices for those with cerebral palsy.

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The brothers were joined by plenty of supporters on the walk, which will end at the University of Michigan later today and they are documenting their journey on Twitter and Facebook.

Hunter told ABC News last month that this walk was strictly to raise awareness. Those who have wanted to donate have been pointed to the University of Michigan's Cerebral Palsy Research Consortium. Hunter said that he can be "very protective" of his little brother. "If he has any problems, I'm right there by his side," Hunter said. Although Braden usually uses a walker, brace or crutch to get around, today he is relying solely on the shoulders of his brother. Hunter Gandee lifted weights to train for carrying his brother the long distance. Braden told ABC News in an earlier interview he was "very, very excited" for the walk.

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The trek will end at the University of Michigan. (Detroit Free Press, Eric D. Lawrence/AP Photo)

ABC News' Tina Chen and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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