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Nov 7, 2014 4:00am

Why ALS Can’t Stop Me from Dancing

By Catherine G. Wolf I was at a blues concert in north of New York City when I started to feel sorry for myself. I have ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, so I was self-conscious of the thick drool dripping from my mouth,… Read More »

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Jul 24, 2014 4:00am

Cancer Lessons I Learned From a Fictional Teenage Boy

By Emily Helck In the days leading up to my reconstructive surgery, I was scouring breast cancer forums, looking at dozens of reconstruction photos and generally fretting while applying creams and packs to the flat side of my chest. But mostly, I was thinking about… Read More »

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Jun 13, 2014 12:05pm

Trauma Surgeon Uses War Zone Skills to Better Treat Patients at Home

By ELY BROWN and LAUREN EFFRON For trauma surgeon Dr. Peter Rhee, performing a couple of  hernia repairs only to turn around hours later and treat a patient’s life-threatening stab wounds is just another day in the office. And he has seen much worse. Rhee,… Read More »

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Mar 31, 2014 5:48pm

‘We Have PTSD’: Wife of Veteran Shares Experiences

This post by Blair Hughes originally appeared on I am the wife of a Iraq veteran with PTSD.   For some, like my husband Jonah, the anxiety is so overwhelming and debilitating that we are considered “housebound.” Oh, you noticed I said “we?” Yes, that’s… Read More »

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Mar 31, 2014 5:45pm

‘Missing the Legs’: An Inside Look Into One Caregiver’s Life

This post was written by Jessica Allen: Yesterday I spent my entire day at Fort Campbell helping their wounded, ill and injured with a variety of things. My day ended with me speaking at the WTB’s Town Hall about our life and what I do… Read More »

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Mar 6, 2014 5:25am

Why I Don’t Mind Being a Human Science Experiment for Cancer Research

By Emily Helck While a wintry mix was making life generally slippery a couple of days ago, I was on my way from New Jersey to a hospital in northwest Washington, D.C. A few tubes of blood were drawn. A pregnancy test was administered. Then… Read More »

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Feb 4, 2014 10:55am

Hyperacusis Diary: A Day in NYC When Every Sound Is Painful

  By JOYCE COHEN Writer Joyce Cohen and her husband Ben live in New York City, one of the noisiest cities in the world. But loud sounds are torture to them, because they suffer from hyperacusis, a condition that causes terrible and often unbearable pain… Read More »

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Nov 14, 2013 7:00am

My Breast Cancer Online Friends Get Me

By Emily Helck I’m in Las Vegas, and I’ve lost my breast. To be completely truthful, it isn’t my real breast. It’s a prosthetic (hand crocheted and stuffed with wool) that is filling in for my absent left one. I’m here with 14 other women,… Read More »

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Oct 22, 2013 7:30am

Why Breast Cancer Is Embarrassing

By Emily Helck: There’s a lot that people say about cancer. It’s scary, it’s tough. It’s no big deal. Chemo will save you. Chemo will kill you. Almost everything you can think of has been said a million times over. But here’s something you don’t… Read More »

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Oct 14, 2013 2:21pm

Obamacare Offers Hope for People With Rare Diseases

By Megan Barron Like many other young people, I celebrated the passage of the Affordable Care Act because it meant I could stay on my parents’ insurance until I was 26. But as a 22-year-old with epidermolysis bullosa, a rare condition that causes painful blistering… Read More »