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Aug 8, 2014 2:18pm

It’s the Real-Life ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

I am a “Registered Entrepe-nurse,” as my brother calls me. I love the ER because it is a constant adrenaline rush. The wheels of my brain have to keep turning or I get bored quickly, which is why I chose emergency nursing. But who would have… Read More »

Mar 14, 2013 1:35pm

Can Homemade Booze Kill You?

Seventy-nine Libyans  died this week from drinking homemade spirits in the North African country, where alcohol is illegal. Libyan officials suspect that the homemade liquor contained methanol, and said many of those who survived drinking it were blinded, according to the Associated Press. Methanol Poisoning… Read More »

Dec 25, 2012 12:57pm

Woman’s ‘Dystextia’ Stroke Sign: ‘Some is where!’

Smartphone autocorrect is famous for scrambling messages into unintelligible gibberish but when one man received this garbled text from his 11-week-pregnant wife, it alarmed him: “every where thinging days nighing,” her text read. “Some is where!” Though that may sound like every text you’ve ever… Read More »

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Aug 7, 2012 1:11pm

‘NY Med’: Marina Dedivanovic Reflects on Being Filmed on the Job in the ER

Marina Dedivanovic, RN, is ED Nurse at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s Weill Cornell Medical Center. She was born and raised in Bronx, New York and now lives in New York City. Dedivanovic completed her nursing degree with honors at Dorothea Hopfer School of Nursing and has worked… Read More »

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Jul 31, 2012 4:30pm

‘NY Med’: Under the Microscope

Anthony Watkins, MD, is an assistant professor of surgery in the Department of Transplantation at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. He received his medical degree at Fisk University in Tennessee and completed residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, NJ. Watkins now appears on ABC… Read More »

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Jul 24, 2012 7:05pm

Recipe for a Good Transplant Surgeon: Guts, Compassion and a “Dash of Insanity”

Arundi Mahendran, MBBS, is a transplant surgeon having completed a 2 year fellowship in abdominal transplant surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. She is currently completing her PhD thesis at Goldsmiths College/Imperial College London.  She trained at University College London, UK. Mahendran was born in London and… Read More »

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Jul 17, 2012 11:21am

St. Louis Girl Has the ‘Guts and Bravura’ Showcased in ‘NY Med’

By Katie Duke I had never felt self-conscious about my job until a broadcast news division followed me during the course of my unpredictable, fast-paced life as a nurse in the emergency room at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. As an RN [registered nurse], I… Read More »

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Jul 10, 2012 5:22pm

‘NY Med’: Dr. Tomoaki Kato Talks Life ‘in the Trenches’

Tomoaki Kato, MD, FACS is Chief Professor of Surgery and Division of Abdominal Organ Transplant, Surgical Director, Liver Transplant Program, Director of Intestine Transplant Program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center.  He was born and completed all his medical studies in Japan, and is featured in… Read More »