Birthday Party Scheduling Madness

By Alex

Jan 31, 2009 4:02pm

Ok, here’s the juggle. Each of my 3 boys are invited to a birthday party today. Do I have to go to all 3?? My boys don’t do drop off (don’t ask). But that’s like 7 hours of bday parties in one day. Lord knows my husband is studiously evading the question. His eyes go wide, but he doesn’t look up from his thick stack of newspapers.

The 8-year-old has an 11am bookstore party that’s all about language and storytelling and creativity. Very cool.

The 1-year-old will sing songs in a circle at a “dance party” at 2:30p where he’ll grunt at the other babies, maybe throw some food and smear some cake on his face. Cool, in a different way.

And then at 4:30, the 5-year-old has a martial arts party where they’ll run around mimicking Chow Yun Fat… It’ll be less crouching tiger, hidden dragon and perhaps more Kung Fu Panda… never been to a martial arts birthday party. Very cool.

Anyway, for the reason I have THREE kids in the first place is the same reason that part of me wants to go to all three parties (I know, I’m nuts)… But that’s too much, even for me. Did I mention that I worked until 11pm last night to crash a story for Nightline on the Octuplets??

And I nearly forgot about the most important birthday celebration… For one of MY best friends. Intimate dinner for grown ups…

So here’s the sad reality about trying to pick… The big boys will complain that I went to the other brother’s and not theirs… The baby won’t notice… But why does the baby always get the shaft?

“Daddy-man!!!!!!??? Where are you????? How do you feel about Kung Fu Panda??”

The phone’s ringing, wait. Breaking news. The martial arts birthday birthday boy is running a fever. Party’s postponed until next week. Poor baby.

Daddy is off the hook… For today. Now maybe I won’t fall asleep during grown up dinner after bedtime.

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