Single Guys, Don’t Despair: Tips for Surviving V-Day

By Virginia Breen

Feb 13, 2009 11:16am

ABC News On Campus reporter Joseph Millares blogs:

This will be the second consecutive single Valentine’s Day of my dating life and frankly, it doesn’t bother me one bit — REALLY.  Last year, I had a great Valentine’s Day.  I woke up at three in the afternoon, watched “Entourage” all day and capped the night at the gym.  OK, so it wasn’t that great and, yes, I did, spend the whole day ALONE while my friends ran around tracking down flower deliveries and sorting out double-booked restaurant reservations.

But believe me, as a single guy who didn’t feel like shelling out a few Ben Franklins by going through his cell phone contact list and making plans with the first girl to take pity on — er, accept an invitation from — him to celebrate a holiday meant for "real" couples, there is a way for the single guy to enjoy himself on V-Day, without the bitterness of some of our female counterparts.

(You know who you are, Miss "I don’t need a man!  Me and my girls are just going stay home and watch ‘Sweet Home Traveling Ya-Ya Pants Wears Prada’ with a bottle of cheap wine and chocolate while throwing darts at pictures of our exes."  Or at least, I was told that’s what women do. Research is ongoing.)

Anyway, fellow single men, don’t despair. After last year’s single V-Day experiment, I’ve come up with a template for distraction:

1. Get the aggression out early. There’s no sense moping around your place (remember our anti-bitterness stance).  Go hit the gym, and keep telling yourself that everyone else hitting the weights is just like you…single.  Or call up your buddies, even the taken ones, and get a pick-up game of your favorite sport going.  It’s 85 degrees on a cool day here in Austin, so we’ll probably choose football. Any good friend will spare at least an hour for his single comrades.
2. Watch a few episodes or a whole season of “Entourage,” “Playmaker’s” or whatever delusional "man-topian" show you’re into. 

Shows like this tend to have a common running theme: The majority of the women you encounter pass through your life faster than Usain Bolt.  Do you remember every girl Vinny Chase, or even Turtle, has dated on “Entourage”?  Remind yourself that a girl worth your attention will come around when you least expect, and there’s no need to force the issue.  Forcing the issue never turns out well, and your buddy Jack from Tennessee or Jose from Mexico are usually to blame for a slurred recitation of "Roses are red, violets are blue" to the girl waiting for her boyfriend to come back from the restroom, leading to No. 3.

3.  Don’t get plastered. (See point No. 2 and anti-bitterness policy mentioned earlier.)

4.  Remember those Benny Franklins I talked about?  Create your own stimulus plan, and spend your dollars on yourself.  Go to the stores your ex always complained about (sans bitterness) and get yourself a new ratchet set, GPS system or DVD box set of “The Boondocks.” You kill two birds with one stone, boost the economy and expand the ever-growing collection of unnecessarily necessary things you’re obsessed with.

5.    Lastly…it’s NBA All-Star Weekend. We’re the lucky ones who don’t have to choose between a girlfriend or watching Nate Robinson attempt a dunk 14 times while Dwight Howard decides what color cape to wear, and watch rising stars like Kevin Durant and Brandon Roy play a game of G-E-I-C-O.  And before you even think of it…what kind of man DVRs a sporting event?

Any and all of these should keep you well distracted on this, the day of love.  Show yourself some love, and give the Single Man’s Valentine’s Day a shot. There are 320 days left in 2009 after Feb. 14 to make a fool of yourself in front of women.

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