The Smell of Money

By Kelly Harold

Mar 11, 2009 5:41pm

…actually stinks. Not just figuratively, but literally. This is what 16K in singles looks like … It resembles a large leaf pile and requires a heavy duffel bag which according to 20/20 staffer Andrew Sullivan weighs “like 50 pounds.” John Stossel used it to make a point… shoveling it… throwing it in the air… You get the picture. I’m sure it will make for provocative television when it airs on 20/20 this Friday night. In the meantime, producer Kristina Kendall, associate producer Chris Kilmer and our intern Andrew Kirell got the unusual assignment of packing up all 16,000 of those babies. And seriously, you know that musty fragrance you get a wiff of when you open you’re wallet… multiply that by 16 thousand and you can imagine what it smells like.    In fact, that reminds me of a story.  Years ago, I did a piece for 20/20 on DEA dogs trained to sniff out cash… because it does have a distinctive odor.  They’re trained to stop and sit when they find it. It turns out, drug dealers and money launderers and other nefarious types travel w/ GIGANTIC quantities of cold hard cash.

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