Venting on the Couch

Dec 18, 2009 8:34pm

Ever wish you could just press pause, stop everything you’re doing, and share what’s on your mind?

Well for the past two months at the University of Florida you could do just that … on a couch … in the middle of campus.

UF sophomore Brett Boncore and his friends wanted to give their fellow students a place to chat. So one Monday morning, that's exactly what they did.

Brett and his buddies call it "Couch Talk.” Every Monday for about five hours they set up two couches and a few chairs in the middle of UF’s campus and invited anyone walking by to sit down and just talk.

“People love it,” said UF sophomore Brett Boncore, who thought of the idea.

"They’re very open to it and if they have time and everybody who sits down sits down for at least 15 minutes, it's pretty crazy.”

Boncore says conversations range from politics to religion to having a bad day in class.

“They stopped me as I was walking by and I had nothing to do so now I am here sitting on the couches,” said UF freshman Andre Perez who has become a big fan of "Couch Talk."

When Perez sat down he talked about a movie he was planning to see and about his strong dislike for the math class he is taking.

And Perez is not the only student who seems to love this unique idea.

Since Boncore and his friends started setting up the couches, he says hundreds of people (many of them strangers) stopped by to sit down and talk.

"We want to continue doing this and hopefully be able to do this more days of the week to reach more people,” said Boncore.

And as long Boncore and his friends keep providing the couches there is at least one person who will keep coming back.

"I love it," said Perez. “The next couch talk there is I will definitely be here.” 

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