From Tom Holland: The Day Has Come!

By Kelly Harold

Sep 10, 2010 11:37am

How time flies! The day has come. Team Juju will be racing tomorrow. I am so proud of how many people stuck with the program and are getting ready to do their first triathlon. They did everything necessary to succeed at a new fitness routine: They chose a concrete goal. They had a definitive date set to achieve that goal. The goal was challenging. And now they’re getting ready to achieve that goal. Many have lost weight along the way. They are healthier. More confident. Yes, many are also nervous about the race tomorrow. There is the fear of the unknown. They are questioning their abilities. That is normal. When they cross that finish line, however, that fear will be transformed into a newfound confidence, an inner strength that they didn’t possess when the starter’s gun went off. Or I should say that they didn’t know they possessed it. It was there all the time, it is there in all of us, we just need to push our limits to reveal it. I want to congratulate Juju and all of the team members for their incredible efforts these past three months. The work is done. Tomorrow is the “party.” There is no failure tomorrow – all those who toe the starting line will have succeeded. Each person will have a different experience a unique adventure, a powerful story to tell for the rest of their lives. They all set a goal and saw it through to the end. I hope you did the same, and continue to do so in the future. Take care of your body, invest in your health and believe in yourself.

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