Mixed Reviews for Apple’s Ping

Sep 3, 2010 2:55pm

ABC News on Campus reporter Clark Fouraker blogs: The number of social networking sites keeps growing: on Wednesday Apple released Ping, a site that shares musical likes among users. So far, reviews of the new website are mixed among college students.  Some are unsure about adding a third network to their favorites, having already having claimed citizenship in the nations of Facebook and Twitter. Ping works like a Twitter – Facebook hybrid but is different because it’s focused on artists and the fans that love them.  Fans can ‘follow’ their favorite artists, learn what they’re playing and where they’re playing it.  Fans can also ‘follow’ other friends on Ping, learn what music they like and even preview and buy songs through iTunes. “Everyone’s trying to get ‘in’ with social networking.  I’m not going to say I won’t use it, but I’m not going to drop Facebook or Twitter for it,”  said Mack Wyatt, a freshman at Liberty University.  “I think we’re good for now.” At the University of Florida, junior Joe Savarese says he has started using Ping and thinks, “It’s laggy and slow. It’s hard to say what you like music wise.” Even so, Savarese believes music lovers will be willing to make room for the new social network, especially because one Ping feature provides concert schedules for artists and also allows artists to show what they’re doing on the road. Overall, he says Ping will find its niche audience. “It’s a cool idea that will probably launch, it’s just hard getting everyone on board.  The good thing is to follow artists and it shows concerts and that’s cool.  You get to see what the artists are doing and concerts near you.” And for North Carolina State University senior Brentice Bush, news of Ping’s launch was music to his ears.  “It looks pretty sweet," he said. "I’m tempted to lean toward a music social network versus Twitter or Facebook.  I used Myspace for music but not anything else.  Ping would be ideal for me because I’m a musician and like music.” Have you used Ping? Do you prefer it over other social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook?

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