We Did It!!!! Team Juju Completed the Triathlon!

By Kelly Harold

Sep 13, 2010 3:09pm

I feel so blessed with colleagues, friends, and family who are so game! They signed up to do a crazy thing.. And we did it!! We swam our hearts out.. We biked until it hurt.. And we ran into a finish that was so full of joy and euphoria.  As I said at the end of the piece that feeling, whatever it is, should be bottled and sold via prescription. It’s THAT good. Over the course of the summer we had friends dramatically improve their health, change their lifestyles and their own view of themselves. “I’m not athletic”… twelve weeks later became a triumphant “I am a Triathlete!”

When my friend Caroline crossed the finish line I burst into tears… She had overcome her fear of swimming, got lost on the bike ride after the police barricades had all gone down. But she was so fiercely determined to finish that the race director Sean and a dear friend and her loving husband Brian accompanied her on the final 3 mile run. She finished dead last by a long shot, but she won everyone’s hearts and raised 5 thousand dollars.

To all those you tried the Housatonic Valley Tri and especially the 170+ people out there who signed up to help the kids of Haiti. Bravo and thanks!!

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