Finding Motivation To Organize!!!!!

Apr 8, 2011 5:22pm

Dear Liz,I have to clean and organize my house in a hurry and do not know where to start. Help me please!


Wilmington / DE


Hi Carmen-

Most of us are familiar with the idea of wanting to do something, knowing we should do it and then NOT doing it.  What helps is having the kind of motivation that forces us to do it- For instance, you may not feel like packing- up to move, but when the moving van arrives, there is no choice!  So what can we do to find our motivation in cases where we don’t have anything pushing us to do it other than our desire?  


  My suggestion is to make a deal with yourself right now.  Write down on a piece of paper your promise to yourself to clean and organize your home on a specific date (a date in the very near future). Pick the day to begin; don’t let plans mess this up.  Write the date down.  Then, on the same piece of paper make a list of all the reasons you need and want the house cleaned and organized.  Be specific; name other people who might be positively affected by your accomplishing this task. Tape this contract with yourself on your refrigerator so that people see it and encourage its completion.   At the bottom of the page Sign and date it. 


Think of how rewarding it will feel once this is finally accomplished.  The only thing stopping you here, is you!


DO THIS Carmen, to prove to yourself that you have the discipline, and ultimately the respect for yourself and your life that you deserve.


Happy cleaning!!!



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