My Teenager Is Sexting!

Jul 3, 2011 11:07pm

Liz, I am contacting you because I recently realized that my daughter is sexting. I had a conversation with her and she’s still doing it.  What can I do?

Hawthorne, Calif.


Hi in Hawthorne,

Wow, this is tough, I’m sorry.  I want to suggest you have another conversation with your daughter, as she clearly did not get the gravity of your earlier discussion.  Tell her your thoughts and parameters again, and then let her know that you’d hoped she could see her own way to deciding not to sext based on the conversation you had.  However, if she can not refrain and continues to lie to you about it, then you will have to enforce your idea by taking her phone away. You can give her a warning, or just do it, but either way for a limited period of time you need to take the phone.  And if  she does it again- take it away again.  But almost more importantly, talk to her about why you think this is such bad, foolish behavior and in what  poor judgment it is on every level.  Get her to see that sexting can lead to a lot of trouble.  Go at it from as many angles as you can find. Convince your daughter that this is not something she wants to be doing.  If she doesn’t bite, then you have no choice but to make it impossible for her to do it, and take the phone away.    


Good luck and stay strong! 



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