Juju Channels Gaga

Sep 23, 2011 3:08pm

Have you ever worn three pair of false eyelashes, at once? That’s what it takes to channel your inner Lady GAGA in “Bad Romance.”

Michelle Phan got 27 million hits on her YouTube channel doing just that. I’d just interviewed the art school dropout-turned new media superstar.  She has no formal makeup training, but she’s an artist and her canvas just happens to be her face.

After being rejected for a makeup-counter job by Lancome, she started making little YouTube “webisodes,” painting her face to look like an Asian Barbie, or Disney princesses, or a vampire.

My kids are obsessed with Lady Gaga.  The older two stood in line at 6 in the morning to watch her perform on “Good Morning America.”  But when I call them “little monsters,” I have a whole different interpretation.

So, I asked Michelle to turn me into Lady Gaga. It took about half an hour, several ounces of foundation, the aforementioned lashes (including lower lashes on the outside of an exaggerated eye white). Oh, and those gigantic contact lenses.

And, Voila! Lady Juju, except no one, except for my 3 year old, ever wants to hear me to sing.

It’s all part of tonight’s “20/20″ special on YouTube.  Check it out at 10 pm ET and watch a preview below.


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