‘Miracle Babies’ Invade, and Charm, ‘GMA’

Get a sneak peek of National Geographics new show "Miracle Babies."

Ida Mae Astute/ABC News

ABC News’ Cassandra Arsenault reports:

There’s no better way to kick off your week than with baby animals. Ridiculously cute baby animals.

In honor of tonight’s premiere of the “Miracle Babies” mini-series on Nat Geo Wild, some of the “cast” stopped by the Times Square studio of   “Good Morning America” this morning for a little fun.

While the wallaby, lemur and kestrel drew some attention, the baby tiger stole the show, both on-air and behind the scenes with our cast and crew.

Just like human babies are apt to do, the baby tiger got into a bit of trouble in between live shots, including testing its teeth on a pillow from the “GMA” set.  The tiger was caught in action by “GMA” lifestyle anchor Lara Spencer, both a mother of two young children and a known design aficionado who does not like her pillows chewed.

The baby tiger also playfully teased with the “GMA” crew, nibbling on the arm of one of the show’s photographers and keeping the security guards laughing as it stared at its own reflection in the studio mirror.

The animal’s visit to “GMA” wasn’t all fun and games, though.  Casey Anderson, the Nat Geo Wild animal expert who brought the animals to “GMA,” delivered some startling statistics about the world’s most endangered species.

The tiger alone, for example, has lost three of its species in the past century.  Most of the tigers still alive on Earth today, Anderson said, have been bred in captive in order to prevent the species from becoming completely extinct.

See more of the baby animals who visited ”GMA” below.  Then, tune into “Miracle Babies” tonight on the Nat Geo Wild channel to learn more about endangered animals such as the baby tiger, and meet the dedicated group of people on a mission to save them.

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