Bear Cub Surprises Shoppers in Alaska Grocery Store

VIDEO: Shoppers got more than they bargained for at an Alaska grocery store.

Bear cub, aisle one. Bear cub, aisle one.

Shoppers at Tatsuda’s IGA in Alaska got quite the surprise when a young black bear cub walked through the automatic doors of the store and sought refuge in the produce aisle. The cub climbed into one of the vegetable cases and paced back and forth as shoppers looked on — and filmed the scene with their cell phones cameras.

According to The Digital Journal, a courageous shopper finally captured the cub and took him outside to be released.  KRBD Radio in Ketchikan, Alaska said that the mother wasn’t spotted during the incident and it’s unclear if the cub was orphan.

The store’s co-owner, Katherine Tatsuda, told the Journal that they were forced to throw away thousands of dollars worth of fruit and produce before sanitizing the case and replacing the food. Of course, some might argue, that a video of a bear cub in a grocery store is priceless.


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