‘Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook’

VIDEO: A look at the first cookbook produced by the acclaimed NYC restaurant.

'Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook' Image courtesy of Francesco Tonelli.

“I fell in love gradually, not all at once. The experience had a sweetness all its own, ” Frank Bruni said in his four star review of the restaurant “Eleven Madison Park.”

For those who have had the opportunity to eat at the much lauded restaurant, Bruni’s description rings true.  Eleven Madison Park opened in 1998 under the helm of restaurateur Danny Meyer and, later, Chef Daniel Humm and received numerous praises from restaurant critics and diners alike. And it still does.

Known for its market-driven fine cuisine, the food resembles more of an artistic painting that your average dinner.  With plates composed using exquisite color and the best ingredients,  you’ll regard eating the food of Chef Humm as a distinct privilege and welcome opportunity after just one bite (especially since dinner is a bit out of the average person’s budget).

For those who haven’t had a chance to visit the restaurant, “Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook” is the next best thing.  The pictures in the book are about the size of a plate, and while you might not be able to taste or smell the food, the beauty of the photos will sort of make up for it.

The recipes are a bit complex for the average cook. But if you have a good deal of time and patience, they are worth a try.  Otherwise, it’s a great gift for the “foodie” in your family for the upcoming holidays.

Check out this preview video of the restaurant and cookbook:

Or, try making this Marble Potato Confit recipe from the cookbook at home.




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