Man’s Mission Caught on Tape: Making Wall Trampoline-ing an Extreme Sport

VIDEO: Julien Roberge wants to competitive wall trampolining to be an extreme sport.


We all feel like bouncing off the walls some days.

But Julien Roberge feels like bouncing off the walls every single day, and that’s just what he does.

The 23-year-old Canadian from Quebec City is a master of the “wall trampoline,” a circus art that sees him bouncing up a wall, running up a wall, spinning off a wall and doing it all again.

Roberge told “ Good Morning America” he has been competing in trampoline for 10 years but has focused in on his true passion, wall trampoline-ing, for the past three years.

It may look like just a lot of bouncing, but the demands of the art, often seen in circus productions such Cirque du Soleil, are such that he trains for as many as 22 hours per week at the Quebec Circus School.

Why all the bouncing?  Roberge is a trampoline-er on a mission.  He’s committed to seeing the art he loves, around for 20 or 30 years but still not widely known, taken seriously as a sport.

“I’ve been planning to try and make wall trampoline a recognized extreme sport, and maybe even one day see it in the X-Games,” he said.

Xtreme, indeed.

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