Jack Hanna’s Wild Animals Invade ‘Good Morning America’

VIDEO: The wildlife expert explains how he travels with his animal friends.

It was another normal day at the “ Good Morning America” Times Square studio this morning.

Stocks were on the rise. The latest news trickled in from the campaign trail.   A flamingo primped himself in front of a wardrobe mirror before his live shot.

Yes, that last one is a normal sight when wildlife expert Jack Hanna and his magnificent menagerie come to the big city, New York City that is, from their home at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio.

Don’t believe it?

Here’s a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes when Jack Hanna comes to visit and, for a moment, turns “GMA’s” Times Square studio into the tinseltown of the animal kingdom:

Columbus Zoo personnel fed Moya, a 1-year-old cheetah, his morning breakfast of two cups of meat washed down with a little water. They made sure to keep him close to his buddy, Carlyle, the yellow lab he was raised with at the zoo.

Carlyle was walked out on 44th Street to the stage door of the “GMA” studio. Temporarily left behind, Moya called  out to his four-legged friend until Carlyle returned backstage.

Shorty, a pretty-in-pink flamingo, stretched his legs out by the studio elevator and then checked himself out in front of the large wardrobe mirror near the set.

Tutti the Binturong was treated to a banana breakfast while zoo staff cleaned his cage.

Then, before you could even say, “There’s a flamingo in the middle of Times Square!,” 9 o’clock rolled around, the show wrapped and Jack’s traveling jungle buckled up for their 10 hour trip home back to the Columbus Zoo.

Click here to see photos of Jack Hanna’s wild animal caravan in “GMA’s” Times Square studio!




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