‘GMA’s’ Play of the Day: A Beastly Bike Ride

VIDEO: Video shows a bike ride gone wrong when a buck collides with a biker.

Good Morning America” rolled out a new feature today, the “Play of the Day,” to capture, each morning, the strange, the unbelievable and the truly extraordinary moments of our days.

If ever there was a moment to launch “Play of the Day,” this is it.

Ever wonder what would happen if you were attacked by a wild animal while on a Saturday afternoon bike ride in South Africa?

No?  Well this mountain biker wishes he had, so he would have known how to react.

Mountain biker Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa was racing near South Africa’s Albert Falls Dam when he unexpectedly had to compete against more than just mountains.

In this race, his competitor was on four legs, four strong and fast legs belonging to an antelope determined to protect his turf.

Van der Spuy looks to his right, sees the animal approach, but has no time to react before the damage, or strike, is done.

While van der Spuy took the blunt hit, his teammate Travis Walker, captured it all on tape.

No word on how van der Spuy is recovering, but the antelope sped off, seemingly unharmed.

Lessons learned: wear your helmet and stick to paved roads.

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