Duck Tongue and Horse Blood: New York Taste Chefs Dish About Crazy Ingredients

Marcus Samuelsson would like to introduce you to duck tongue.

Think you’re adventurous in the kitchen? When’s the last time you whipped up horse blood stew?

Ahead of New York Taste, New York Magazine and HSBC Premier’s celebration of global cuisine, reached out to some of the event’s famous chefs to find out the craziest thing they’ve ever cooked and the out-of-the-box ingredients they wish home cooks used more often.  Check out their responses and tell us about the weirdest thing you’ve ever cooked (or eaten) in the comments section below.

Marcus Samuelsson, chef/owner, Red Rooster, “Top Chef Masters” champ: 

Home cooks should use more of: “Duck tongues! They’re very exotic and eaten around the world, but this type of offal isn’t used often in the US, especially at home. People looking to be a little more daring at home should definitely try cooking with duck tongue.”

Paul Carmichael, Má Pêche executive chef, globe trotter: 

Home cooks should use more of: “Although it’s not really crazy or unconventional in restaurant kitchens, I have to say cassava/yuca/manioc for home cooks. It’s an awesome, versatile and delicious root vegetable. Tired of french fries? Give cassava fries a try.

Craziest thing he’s ever cooked: “The craziest ingredient I’ve cooked with is pig’s stomach. I used it when I lived in Puerto Rico. It’s delicious!”

Zakary Pelaccio, Fatty Crew mastermind, French Culinary Institute grad: 

Home cooks should use more of: “I think home cooks should use foraged ingredients — things they find in parks, backyards, on the side of country roads.”

Craziest thing he’s ever cooked: ”I accidentally cooked and ate jack-o-lantern mushrooms, which are poisonous. Fortunately, I didn’t have very many and it only resulted in minor cramping.”

Brad Farmerie, PUBLIC chef, “Iron Chef” veteran :

Home cooks should use more of: “New Zealand venison, blood sausage, foie gras, pig head, beef hearts (or chicken, duck, or lamb hearts), caviar (make every day an occasion!), tongue (beef, veal or lamb).”

Craziest thing he’s ever cooked: “Horse blood and duck testicles!”

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