Hosting Your First Thanksgiving Dinner? Turn On Your iPhone

'Chow''s Thanksgiving app on iTunes. Image courtesy iTunes.

Are you in denial that Thanksgiving’s around the corner?  Are you having people over and haven’t started planning a thing?  Sounds like you need some help.

With an iPhone or iPad in hand, download “Chow”‘s free “Thanksgiving Dinner Coach” app.  The app has recipes that serve eight people and shopping lists that take the stress out of going to the store.

After you download the app, build your menu.  Select the recipes you want to prepare and the ones you don’t.  Then, build your shopping list with the click of a button.   (You can even cross the items you already have off of your list.)  Finally, select the “cooking” button to get a weekly breakdown of what to prepare each day.  It even tells you how long it takes to cook the turkey!

The app is quick, simple, and fast.  It’s not too advanced (the Thanksgiving menu is pretty basic and the recipe options are limited) but it’s perfect for beginners.   So if it’s your first time hosting dinner, start downloading the app before it’s too late.  Otherwise, order take out and hide the evidence.

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