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The MyRecipes Daily Indulgence app for iPad. (Courtesy

It’s easy to get stuck in a baking rut. Do you bring the same crumb cake or lemon cookies to parties over and over and over again? Sure, you know everyone loves eating them, but maybe it’s time for some baking variety.

That’s where the MyRecipes Daily Indulgence app steps in to help.  With more than 400 dessert recipes with gorgeous, drool-worthy photos, this app is your go-to dessert guide.

When you open the app, the homepage has a daily dessert calendar, with a different dessert photo featured each day.  The app has the most enticing photos, so make sure you aren’t hungry before you start browsing.  I opened the app and was greeted by the most gorgeous photo of pumpkin pie with maple cream.  (It looks like pure heaven.  My stomach started to growl.)

On the top menu, the recipes are categorized into cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies and pastries, frosty treats, holidays and lower-sugar indulgences. Here you can browse recipes if you’re looking for some baking inspiration. Once you found the recipe you like, you can add it to your favorites, or add it to a shopping list that the app generates for you.  (I’m already set on making the “White Christmas Cupcakes” and the “Cranberry Obsession Snow Cake” for the holidays.)

This holiday season, when you’re stuck deciding what to bring over to your aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, what to make for the cookie swap or what to bring to your friend’s party, turn on the Myrecipes Daily Indulgence app.  The app is a quick and easy way to find a vast amount of recipes without the hassle of extensive Internet searching or flipping aimlessly through cookbooks.  Turn you iPad on, open the app and start baking.

The MyRecipes Daily Indulgence app is available on iTunes for $3.99.

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