VIDEO: 100-Pound ‘Black Widow’ Wins Inaugural Turkey-Eating Competition

VIDEO: Sonya Thomas ate 5.25 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes at New York City event.

Most Americans are preparing for a big Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, but the professionals have already had their share of turkey and then some at the first Wild Turkey 81 Eating World Championship in New York’s Times Square.

The winner was Sonya Thomas, the Alexandra, Va., native known as the “Black Widow.” She won the 10-minute competition after devouring 5.25 pounds of turkey.

Thomas, who is only five-foot-five and 105 lbs, is ranked the fourth eater in the world by Major League Eating (MLE).  She holds 24 world records and, perhaps most impressively – or disgustingly – she has eaten 65 hard boiled eggs in six minutes and 40 seconds.

Thomas out-ate Eric “Badlands” Booker, who, at six-foot-five and 400 pounds, is four times her size. Booker was able to eat 4.3 pounds of turkey to come in second place. In addition to being the No. 15-ranked eater in the world, Booker is a subway conductor on the New York City number 7 subway train line and he midnights as a hip-hop artist. His most recent release was called “Big Man Mentality.”

Third place went to 400-pound Allen Goldstein, who ate 3.94 pounds of turkey. Goldstein was nicknamed the “shredder” for his sharp teeth.

Other competitors included “Crazy Legs” Conti and Maria “Edible.”

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