Contest Queen: Woman Wins $65K a Year in Sweepstakes

VIDEO: April Jacques searches for giveaways, enters contests when she likes the prize.

When most people see a chance to win a free prize in a magazine or online they simply pass it over, confident that nobody ever wins those things.  April Jacques of Edmonds, Wash., is not most people. Jacques has been applying to sweepstakes for the last three years, sometimes as many as 150 in one day, according to KOMO News.

"At first my husband thought it was crazy, that it wasn't real, and my friends too, and they didn't believe me, but they do now," Jacques told KOMO

And doubters have a reason believe, KOMO reports that over the last three years Ms. Jacques has won an impressive series of prizes including

According to Jacques, the secret is dealing with reputable companies, and reading the fine print. She told KOMO that she enters as much as possible if a contest allows repeat entries. It was this strategy that led to her biggest win ever, a 19.5 foot  Ranger Bass Boat, valued at $50,000.
Jacques concedes that part of her winnings are due to luck, but does not believe this is the only factor, telling KOMO, "I spend a lot of time looking online and entering, it's not like I just enter one time and win. It takes time and persistence."
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