Online Dating Tips From 24-Year-Old Single Gal and Her 76-Year-Old 'Granny Wingman'

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What do you get when you combine a 76-year-old grandmother, a 24-year-old granddaughter, the magic of online dating and a mutual quest for love?

An Internet sensation, if you're New Yorker Kayli Stollak, the voice behind the blog " Granny Is My Wingman."

Stollak created the blog last July after she decided to take a chance on online dating and recruited her 76-year-old grandmother, Gail, of Florida, to join her in the experiment.

"It originally started when Granny told me a really funny dating story," Stollak told " Good Morning America."  "I said, 'That's hilarious, let me put you on a dating site and transcribe your story.'"

Stollak signed up for OKCupid, while Gail, who asked that her last name not be used, joined the Jewish singles site, J-Date, and the escapade began.  The duo hilariously chronicle every detail of their online dating adventures for the world to see, from terrible dates to profiles that weren't so true.

"My granny and me are both single ladies looking for laughs and love in the world of online dating," Stollak says of the multi-generational pair.

For online gawkers, the blog become a one-stop shop for guaranteed entertainment, attracting 30,000 hits in the first month alone.

"We knew it was a funny idea, but I didn't think it would get so much traction," Stollak said. "It was a joke at first, but it got a lot of attention really fast."

What draws all those online eyes?  Entries like these, in which Stollak describes trying to create a profile for her grandmother over the phone.

"The ultimate deceiver, she insisted we significantly decrease her age," Stollak writes.  "For 75, she's a hot commodity, but still I thought it would be best to stick with the truth.  'They're all doin' it, trust me kid,' she insisted. 'And I betcha they all put down that they listen to jazz. They think it makes 'em sound young and hip. Like, look at me, I listen to the horn!'"

Now, seven months after their experiment in love began, Stollak and Gail have become verified experts when it comes to finding love online.

The  two appeared on "GMA" to share their "Granny Is My Wingman" do's and don'ts of online dating.


  • Manage your expectations.  Anyone who goes into this thinking, 'Maybe that person will be my husband,' is in the wrong place.
  • Be honest in your profile and on your dates, i.e., don't say you've read something you haven't.
  • Be sincere.
  • Make sure your profile reflects you.
  • Laugh and enjoy yourself.


  • Don't do it alone.  A wingman makes it that much better.
  • Don't brag about sexual technique.
  • Don't plan a long date.  Plan for 45 minutes, and never get dinner on the first date.

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