Operatic Pizza Man Reveals Inspirations Behind Vocals, Pies

VIDEO: Carmelo Raccuglia talks about being an Internet sensation.

Would you like some opera with that pepperoni pie?

Patrons of a Long Island pizzeria have long been privy to the perk of enjoying fine music with their deep dish and thin crust creations, but now their secret is out, thanks to YouTube and the powerful vocal chords of a longtime pizza maker.

"I started making pizza 35 years ago.  The singing came right just after the pizza," Carmelo Raccuglia, the man behind the pizza, and the music, at the Stage Door East Deli and Pizzeria in Farmingdale, Long Island, said today on " Good Morning America."

Raccuglia is the man behind a YouTube video making waves on the Internet that captures him, in his pizza-stained apron, stepping from behind the oven to serenade a customer celebrating her birthday.

As Raccuglia unleashes a Metropolitan Opera-worthy performance, his coworkers continue on as if nothing is happening.  That's because Raccuglia's performances are a daily, if not hourly, occurrence.

Click HERE to try Raccuglia's famous Antipasti Pizza.

"I sing every day to my customers, my clientele," Raccuglia said on "GMA."  "I've been doing it all my life.

The video, posted online by a restaurant patron and title "Pizza dude sings his heart out," has more than 300,000 views and has generated more than 1,000 comments.

Click HERE to watch the birthday serenade that's made Raccuglia a star.

"My grandmother used to sing and she just told me you have to sing when you grow up.  My father taught me how to make pizza," Raccuglia said.  "I guess I knew I had a voice so I always enjoyed making pizza and singing."

Despite the national fame that the YouTube video has brought to Raccuglia, a longtime local star, he says there is still just one person close to home whom he would like to sing to, out of all the people in the world.

"It would be my wife because she gave me five beautiful kids and she deserves for me to sing to her," he said.

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