Tortoise Catches American Football Frenzy

VIDEO: Freddy the tortoise spends his summers in the yard playing with the pigskin.

If the tortoise really does beat the hare, then the New York Giants, the New England Patriots and their fellow NFL teams should spend their off-season training to face this guy.

Meet Freddy, the 80-year-old tortoise just as swept up in Super Bowl fever as the rest of America, even though he lives in England, where football is more soccer than pigskin.

Freddy's owner, Katherine, says her family's pet loves to play American football so much that they, "can't keep him away from it," in the summer months.

"Freddy is out in the garden headbutting any type of footballs he can get his head on," Katherine, of Kent, England, told

Katherine posted the video of Freddy playing football on YouTube, where it's built a loyal following of viewers who can't get enough of Freddy's slow, but mighty, moves down the field.

See you next year in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII, Freddy.

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