Web Site Helps Fliers Find Love After Landing

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Love is in the air.  Well, maybe.  If you can manage to connect with that fellow airline passenger who tickled your fancy  - after you are back on terra firma - and, if they liked you too.

The Web site, "WeMetOnAPlane.com," (founded by a guy who actually met a girl on a plane), attempts to reestablish love connections made at 30,000 feet, after the flight.

Here are a few highlights from recent travelers on the hunt for That-Person-Who-May-Possibly-Complete-Them-But-Whose-Name-They-Didn't-Catch-So-They-Could-Just-Stalk-Them-On-Facebook.

One passenger on Southwest Airlines, flight 1982, from Denver to Oklahoma City wrote on the site, "You were sitting between me and the window, in the back of the jet. You mentioned you had just turned 21, so I bought you a drink. You go to OSU, and are studying to become a middle school teacher. We briefly compared IDs when you noticed my military ID, but I didn't catch your name on your ID. We talked the entire flight - it was so easy to talk to you, the conversation just rolled on. Your smile will not be forgotten."

Or how about "Kristen," looking for "Adam," whom she met in United Airline's  gate area at Boston's Logan airport. Adam is a law student who was heading to Billings, Montana, by way of Denver.  Kristen would love to talk to you again!

Then there's the person looking for Dave, a former Army pilot turned auditor on a flight from Charlotte to Baltimore.  The person looking for you was seated next to you in 14E and and was in the Navy. It sounds as if you two hit it off.

How it works: 

Go to  www.WeMetOnAPlane.com. Input your flight number, year, month, date, origin or destination,  then search  for results of all stories from that specific flight that have been shared by other passengers.

If you recognize a story (i.e., it sounds as if the person who posted is looking for you),  post a reply to their story and they will be emailed immediately.

If not,  click "Share Your Story" and share the details of  how you met that could-be special someone. Then take it one step further and share your story via social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

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