(Video) In-Flight Pet Peeves: From Nail Polish to Armrest Hogs

VIDEO: Jeanie Daniels was handcuffed after cursing at a flight attendant.

A woman on a Southwest Airlines flight was arrested and detained after a verbal confrontation with a flight attendant over nail polish, ABC's Houston affiliate KTRK  reports.

Yes, nail polish.  The woman, Jeanie Daniels, told KTRK she was painting her nails and a flight attendant asked her to put the nail polish away. She did but later went into the bathroom to finish her nails, figuring it wouldn't bother anyone. Wrong.

She said she exited the bathroom to find another flight attendant waiting for her. A verbal confrontation ensued and Daniels told KTRK she said, "Stop b**tching at me" to the flight attendant.

When the plane landed, Daniels was met by two Houston Police Department officers and charged with using "abusive profane language." She spent 10 hours in jail before a judge dismissed the charge.

"The customer in question was taken into custody upon arrival in Houston for behavior she displayed while onboard a flight from LAS - HOU on Feb 26th," Southwest told ABCNews.com in a statement.  "The airport police became involved because of the passenger's behavior and a verbal altercation with a Southwest Airlines crew member. Southwest Airlines is responsible for the safety of all of our passengers and employees. "

This extreme example got me thinking about in-flight behavior. Someone painting her nails wouldn't bother me in the least, but there's plenty of other things that would. Where do I begin? Not turning off a cell phone when directed, playing music so loud I can hear it despite your earphones, taking off your shoes, putting your feet in the area under the seat in front of me, people who bring smelly food onboard …  the list goes on and on.

I decided to ask my Twitter followers what irks them in the air. Here are a few responses:

@LStout: Being stuck in the middle seat between two larger passengers.

@vandykhaynes: People on the aisle and window seats both taking two arm rests. What the heck!?

@natalielwilson:  When you're stuck in the middle seat and people get annoyed if you have to get up during the flight!

@mattiewalker: Other travelers who insist on talking to you … even when you have a book in your lap and headphones on.

@designermusings: Excess carry-on. The airline personnel might not notice, but your fellow passengers do.

@meredithlmckee : When people are rude to the flight attendants/gate agents (and sometimes vice versa).

@sarahbtrue: People who watch a movie on their laptops without headphones!

@Maevemolloy: When people get annoyed that you put your seat back. Hello … you can put yours back too!

READERS: Now it's your turn. What are your in-flight pet peeves? Tell me in the comments below.

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