Refrigerator Magnet Offers One-Tap Pizza Delivery

                                                                                                         (Image credit: Red Tomato)

If you thought delivery couldn't be more convenient than picking up your phone or using an app, think again:  a pizza restaurant in Dubai is offering refrigerator magnets that enable one-touch pizza delivery.

The Red Tomato in Dubai has released a VIP refrigerator magnet that works with the Bluetooth on your cell phone to place an order at the restaurant.  Register online with your name, phone number and address, then customize the type of pizza you want delivered when you touch the button.  If you're afraid the button might get pressed accidentally, you can select the option to receive confirmation on your phone.

If you're in Dubai and want a magnet, an automated response from the company says you'll have to wait: "Due to the overwhelming response we've received, we regret to inform you that our first collection of magnets have already found homes across Dubai.  We value loyal customers like you, so please stay tuned for more VIP Fridge Magnets to come!"

While it might seem like a stunt, an operator from the company confirmed the magnet and said they're using two lines for delivery due to the high volume of business they've been receiving.

The Red Tomato offers wood-fired pizzas from $10 to $20,  as well as other items like arancini and tiramisu at a reasonable price.

If only the other magnets on the refrigerator had special powers.

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