Tanning, Sleeping and More: Hotel Concierges Specialize

Hotel concierges: There to suggest restaurants, make reservations, score hard-to-get tickets and so much more. They're often the best resource at your hotel for everything under the sun. But would you ask the concierge to help you tan? Get a good night's sleep? Suggest a perfume?

Here are five extremely specific concierge jobs:

Fragrance Butler at Rosewood Hotels

Common travel conundrum: you want to pack your perfume but you don't want to check a bag and pay a fee. Enter the fragrance butler at eight Rosewood hotels around the globe including The Carlyle, The Mansion on Peachtree and Rosewood Crescent Hotel.  Ring the Fragrance Butler 24 hours a day  and the butler will appear carrying a silver tray with 10 fragrances from which to choose.

                                                          (Image credit: Courtesy of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts)

Pet Concierge at The Siena Hotel, Chapel Hill, NC 

Pet-friendly hotels are getting more popular, but few will pretty much take over your pet parenting responsibilities when you visit. The Siena Hotel will  - for a fee, of course - visit your dog for 30 or 60 minutes, take your dog to the park, shop for pet supplies and take him or her to the groomer.

Romance Concierge at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort, Los Cabos, Mexico  

Romance is such big business at Las Ventanas that there's an entire department dedicated to love. Looking for a rose petals strewn on the bed? Romance concierge. A candle-lit bath for two? Romance concierge. A white horse that appears on the beach as you propose to your beloved? Yep.

Sleep concierge at The Benjamin Hotel, New York City

The city that never sleeps has a hotel that employs what else? A sleep concierge. After assessing your sleep habits, the Sleep Concierge will recommend a pillow from the hotel's 12-pillow menu. Choices range from a five-foot-long body pillow to a water pillow. The concierge will also fix you a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich as a bedtime snack or arrange for a sleep-inducing massage.

                                                                                    (Image credit: Courtesy The Benjamin)

Tanning Concierge at W Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ 

With 300 days of sunshine on average in Scottsdale per year, this is a hotel that most definitely needs an employee schooled in SPF and after-sun care. Call the tanning concierge before arrival to get tips on which sunscreen to buy or schedule an in-room spray tan for the day you arrive.  He'll be on call to touch up your tan and fix spots and smudges for the duration of your stay.

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