VIDEO: Dizzying, Extreme Mountain Bike Ride Down the Edge of a Cliff

VIDEO: See Peruvian mountain bike rider Alejandro Pazs insanely fast ride on cliff.

Ever wondered what it's like to ride a mountain bike full-speed along a cliff?

Peruvian downhill mountain biker Alejandro Paz is taking viewers on YouTube on a test drive. Paz, 28, strapped a camera to his helmet and captures the wild ride as he charges down along the edge of a cliff at lightning speed.

Shot from the biker's viewpoint, the effect is dizzying but undeniably exhilarating.

The promotional video was shot in San Pedro de Casta, a village outside Lima, Peru, that's 3,200 meters above sea level, according to It was posted by Paz on YouTube a week ago. Since then it's gone viral, racking up close to a half million views on YouTube and climbing to the front page of the social news site this week.

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