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VIDEO: encourages users to take fancy vacations all around the world.

Oh you beautiful people you. So used to having it easy, what with the free drinks and line cutting and all that. But travel for free? Seriously? Apparently so, if you sign up with

With "Who needs money, beautiful people travel free!" as its tag line, the website claims to be a travel dating site for "generous and attractive people."

Brandon Wade, the site's founder, told that as of this morning, the site has 16,000 members. Not bad for a site that launched just two weeks ago.

Wade said the site's caught on for " . . . lots of different reasons, primarily because of the allure of travel," he said. He also said the premise - beautiful people travel for free - has piqued interest.

The breakdown of members so far, he said, is 70 percent "attractive" and 30 percent "generous." Of the 30 percent generous members, 99 percent of those are men.

Guys, take notice: Wade said there's 2.6 attractive women for every one generous man.

How does it work? The minute-long video narrated by a seductive female voice tells us that on, there are thousands of generous travelers (athletes, millionaires, doctors, bankers, lawyers, executives and entrepreneurs) who "hate to travel alone and are looking to travel with an attractive person like you. Best of all, they have the money and are willing to spend it on you."

The site does beg the question: Is this a dating site or an escort service?

Wade is adamant that this is not an escort service. "Escorts are bad for the dating business," he said. "They destroy the experience. If a guy comes to a site that's advertised a dating site and finds escorts, he's going to be turned off by that."

Wade said he spends a lot of money weeding out escorts from his other businesses,  "elite sugar daddy dating site" and where members can bid on first dates with either rich or beautiful people. He said he kicks 20 to 30 escorts off those sites every day.

The site has disclaimer that states "Absolutely no escorts," and notes its intention to be used only as a dating site. But the trips it's promising don't involve food from a street cart and a stay at the Red Roof Inn. It promises stays at "five-star resorts and dinner at top-rated restaurants."

Wade said that because the site is so new, he's not sure if there have been any successful date-vacations just yet, but said he has been reading online comments and people claim they have signed up and have vacations in the works. He hopes to know more in the next few weeks.

He recognizes that safety is a "big issue" and points to a section on the website that offers tips. He hopes to offer both background checks and travel insurance soon.

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