Burger King Launches New Look, Menu

                                                                                                                    (Credit: Burger King)

After a little soul searching, and the loss of its No. 2 spot in the fast-food pecking order to Wendy's, Burger King has gotten a makeover.

The company conducted an extensive self-evaluation, held consumer tests and worked in a test kitchen to develop new recipes.

"We spent the last year analyzing every aspect of our business to better understand what our guests expect from the Burger King dining experience," said Burger King North America president Steve Wiborg in a statement. "We found that consumers wanted a broader range of menu options to complement our signature fire-grilled burgers."

The result was a menu comprised of more healthful options like salads, fruit smoothies and wraps.  The new Garden Fresh salads offer  choices of BLT, Apple and Cranberry or Caesar Salad.  Diners can add the Tendercrisp or Tendergrill chicken to their salad.

Chicken snack wraps under 400 calories have also hit the menu with honey mustard crispy chicken or ranch crispy chicken selections.  The restaurant has added frozen drinks, including fruit smoothies made with low-fat yogurt and frappes made with coffee flavored with caramel or mocha.

SLIDESHOW:  Burger King Launches New Look

The 58-year-old company went beyond its menu by remodeling more than 2,500 restaurants with a modern, casual design: soft lights replace the old florescent lighting and the booths are replaced by chairs to give it more open feel.

Besides its outside improvements, the company established a rigorous customer service training program and launched a star-studded campaign featuring celebs like Sofia Vergara and David Beckham this month.

Burger King first made waves this year when it launched delivery in the Washington D.C. area and then offered free french fries on St.Patrick's Day.

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