Dog Shot With Cross Bow Looking for a Safe Haven

                                                                                                                  (Image credit: WFAA)

A stray dog shot with an arrow from a crossbow is making a full recovery and is being offered for adoption.

Police in Fort Worth, Texas, are interviewing a suspect in the Wednesday night shooting.

The dog was found at the end of the Herrington Avenue where he laid down,with wounds to his chest and shoulders, Officer Sharron Neal said.

Violet Madrano's family heard the dog's cries after it was shot, called the police and cared for it until help came.

"My grandson was very upset, crying," she told ABC News affiliate WFAA, "He said, 'Why, why are people so mean to the dog?'"

The Humane Society of North Texas collected the dog, cleaned his wounds and gave him medicine.  A German Shepherd and Chow mix, the dog is recovering and is in good condition.

"The veterinarian said there was no nerve damage," said Shelly Meeks, assistant shelter manager at the Humane Society.

They named the dog Dartanian and he will be available for adoption once he is fully recovered.  There's "a lot of interest in [adopting] him," said Meeks.

The Humane Society is taking applicants and will draw a name out of a hat when Dartanian is ready to be adopted.

Neal said this was the first time a dog has been wounded by a cross bow in the area.

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