Jelly Bean Taste Test Winner Crowned

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With Easter around the corner and hundreds of bags of candy to choose from, it can be stressful picking out the best bag of jelly beans in the bunch.

We've done the difficult work for you. We tested 15 brands of candy.

Each type of jelly bean was placed in a numbered bowl, so there was no hint of its brand name.  We tasted, took notes, discussed and compared to make sure we found the best bean, as well as winners in the texture and sour categories.  Little did we know that people are as passionate about their jelly beans as they are their favorite sports teams.  (Don't mess with Starburst fans!)

Lauren Torrisi/ABC

Here's a list of the winners of the best jelly beans worth having this Easter.

The Winner:

Life Savers Assorted Jelly Beans

Though it was close, Life Savers assorted beans were crowned the winner.  Favoring the sweeter side, taste testers agreed the texture and flavors were just right: the outside had a slight crunch while the inside was soft and chewy.  Bright, traditional flavors guarantee you won't be disappointed finding these in your Easter basket.

Honorable Mention:

Jelly Belly

We didn't realize what a cult following these beans had until we placed them on the table for everyone to try.  Not only do passionate Jelly Belly fanatics have their favorite flavors, don't get in their way when they're trying to find it.

Best Texture Category:

Starburst Original Jelly Beans

While these jelly beans remain authentic to their Starburst flavors, we couldn't help but fall in love with their texture.  These are just the way a jelly bean should be: perfectly soft and chewy with a slight crunchy bite.

Best Sour Jelly Bean Category:

Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans

Although they don't look like your traditional jelly beans, these Nerds sour beans got great reviews from everyone who tried them.  Covered in a crunchy candy coating, these jelly beans taste just like the Nerds candy we love, only better.  The other sour candies we tried had great sour flavor but the unconventional texture of these won us over.

The contenders:

Mike & Ike Assorted, Just Born Assorted, Life Savers Assorted, Starburst Original, Starburst Crazy Beans, Starburst FaveReds, Teenee Beanee Americana Medley, Russell Stover Pectin, Russell Stover Sugar Free, Sweetarts, Nerds Bumpy, Jolly Rancher, Jolly Rancher Fruit Smoothie, Jelly Belly

Lauren Torrisi/ABC

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