Babies Draw Lion's Attention Once Again

Watch what happens when a lion meets two babies at the Kansas City Zoo.

Lions and tigers and babies, oh my!

Just days after a baby dressed in a black-and-white striped hoodie that made him look like a zebra drew the zealous attention of a l ion at the Oregon Zoo, another lion-and-baby encounter has been captured on camera.

In this case, two tiny visitors attracted the attention of a very big lion at the Kansas City Zoo.

Video of the encounter posted on YouTube and covered by the local ABC affiliate shows the young toddlers squealing  as the lion lifts his big paws to the glass wall that separates them from their curious human onlookers.

While the lion at the Oregon Zoo was caught on camera scratching, clawing and lunging at his zebra lookalike, the lion here appears to be willing the babies to play in a game of patty cake, or at least give him a high-five.

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