Here Comes the Dog: Woman Performs Weddings for Pets

                                                                                         (Image Credit: Caters News Agency)

Ann Clark performs wedding ceremonies for pets.

And the woman from Northants, England, can charge a pretty penny for her service.

On the low end, Clark, 55, who also runs a cattery in the area, charges about $240 dollars. But she's also earned more than $30,000 for the wedding she put on for a pair of very privileged pooches.

The basic fee includes the ceremony in her garden, according to an article in The Sun newspaper. The ceremony that cost more than $30,000 was a far more lavish affair, involving a harpist and 6-foot-tall chocolate fountain, she told the newspaper.

Although the marriages aren't legal, that hasn't stopped pet owners from lining up at Clark's door.

"The actual wedding days are lovely. It's beautiful when you see animals that clearly adore each other being joined together," Clark said.  "The owners can get very emotional, too. There are often a lot of guests and it's a lovely day out for everyone, just like a human wedding."

Clark will perform marriages for pets of the same gender, as well as animals of different species.

"I can see no problems if a cat wants to marry a dog or vice versa," Clark said, according to the This is Leicestershire website. "We will not be allowing owners to marry their pets. That is definitely out."

Clark cannot perform ceremonies for larger animals, such as cows, donkey or sheep, because they are too big to cross a specially built bridge at her home.

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