Memorial Day Grilling Recipes and Advice

Whats Good for Grilling?

It's time to fire up the grill and we have Tim Laird - America's CEO Chief Entertaining Officer and author of " That's Entertaining! " - with tips and ideas for grilling.

Grilling Accessories

Start with the right gadgets and accessories:

*Meat thermometer wireless option is great

*Grill thermometer: Can utilize your grill like as an oven, this helps regulate the internal temperature

*Proper utensils…

Sturdy grill brush: Go heavy-duty. The light weight ones fall apart quickly.

Spatula: Go with a large and sturdy spatula

Basting brush: Look for the new silicone bristles. They don't fall apart, hold up to high heat and are dishwasher safe

Mister bottle: Always keep on hand for flare-ups

Tongs: These are a necessary tool so you don't pierce meats and lose valuable juices

Fire extinguisher: Better safe than sorry

Grilling Tips

* Bring meat to room temperature then sear on high to keep the juices in

* Don't be in a hurry to turn

Once you put something on the grill, leave it alone until it's time to turn it. If you flip, squish, or move the meat too much, you'll push out the juices, making it dry.

* Keep a lid on it

Every time you peak at the food while cooking, you lose heat and smoke which gives your food that great grilled flavor.

* Glaze or Sauce a little at a time

You want to layer your glazes and sauces creating layers of flavor and not just a thick crust that usually burns.

Great grilling foods you might not think of:

*Avocados (perfect on their own or use in salads, sandwiches or guacamole as an appetizer)

*Grilled lettuce (fantastic flavor and an easy first course)

*Grilled sweet peppers (easy delicious side dish)

*Grilled lobster tails on skewers (great taste and the skewers keep the tails from curling)

* Grilled fruit such as peaches, plums and pineapple (great for dessert)

Touch Test (area between thumb and index finger)

*Hand open: Rare

*Open circle with thumb touching index finger: Medium

* Closed fist: Well

Grilling Debates

*Charcoal vs. Gas

*Tomato or vinegar based sauces

*Best type of grill and grates: Egg, Weber, Monogram

Finally: To help keep your grates seasoned, brush with oil after each use

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