Tips to Maximize Your Crafts

People always want items they can't afford. Luckily, TLC's "Craft Wars!" judge Erica Domesek has some crafting tips to transform your expensive desires into an everyday reality.

Domesek says do-it-yourself projects are a modern movement where there is lots of money to be made. Not everyone can afford expensive clothes or jewelry, but with a little hard work you can make something cheap actually look luxe.

Domesek's Tips to Maximize Your Crafts

Never crafted before? Get together with friends so you can share supplies.

Reuse and Recycle: Some of the best materials can be found around your house. It's great to cut down on costs by up-cycling and re-purposing what you may already have.

Crafting Must Haves:

Cordless Glue Gun - The more you can be free to craft the better. Cordless glue guns keep you from being tied to the wall.

Fabric or Utility Scissors - In crafting you must have scissors just for fabric, another pair for paper, and the list goes on. Using the right kind will save you time in the long run.

Swiss Army Knife - They're not just for Boy Scouts anymore. Always keep one handy. It's a great hand-held toolbox.

Leather Hole Punch - They have a wheel so you can turn it to choose what size you need.

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