Another Flight Attendant Fight Grounds Plane

Image credit: Nick Laham/Getty Images

A flight headed to Chicago from Raleigh-Durham International Airport was forced to return to RDU when an argument broke our between two flight attendants.

United flight 1214 departed RDU on Wednesday at 6 a.m., an airport spokeswoman told the Associated Press. She says a call from the pilot to the tower at 6:40 a.m. suggested there had been an assault on board, but it turned out to be a tiff between flight attendants.

Local police determined that no blows were exchanged and no one was arrested.

A United airlines spokeswoman also told the AP that the fight was not physical. She said the two employees were removed and the flight re-staffed.

It is unclear how long the flight was delayed while the re-staffing took place.

This is the second incident involving flight attendants in one week.

On Sept. 20, an American Airlines flight departing from New York's John F. Kennedy Airport was forced to return to the gate when two flight attendants reportedly got into a fight over a cell phone. The argument resulted in a four-hour delay for the passengers on board while the airline found a new crew.

A request for comment from United Airlines was not immediately returned.

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