15-Year-Old Creates Health-Conscious Chocolate Bar

(Image credit: Unreal)

Take a bite out of a chocolate bar and it usually comes with a side of guilt. A new candy line from Upromise founder Michael Bronner and his 15-year-old son Nicky challenged the traditional ingredients in chocolate to create healthy products you can feel good about.

The idea for the UnReal line started after Nicky's father confiscated his Halloween candy, claiming it was "unhealthy," and an argument ensued. The two decided they would "unjunk" candy and partnered with Australian chef Adam Melonas. Two years and thousands of recipes later, the candy brand was complete.

With 30 percent less sugar and 60 percent more protein, it boasts no corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or synthetic colors. It's colored with natural vegetable colors made from beets and red cabbage. The dairy comes from pasture-raised cows and no hormones or antibiotics are added. They use cacao beans that are traceable from child-labor-free farms in Ghana and Ecuador.

The line contains candy-coated peanuts, candy-coated chocolates, a caramel chocolate nougat bar, a chocolate caramel peanuts nougat bar and peanut butter cups.

Suggested prices range from $.89 to $1.29, with family-sized bags priced at $4.99.

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