The Latest All-Natural Hair Treatments Hit LA

VIDEO: Cecila Vega reviews a new process for stronger, shinier hair.

Don't be confused. A few bananas, a squeeze of honey, some avocado and a little mayonnaise are normally the ingredients you'd find in a smoothie bar. But now, they're the products included in a recipe for the latest Los Angeles hair treatment.

The Broot (as in, back to the root) hair treatment salon just opened in Los Angeles this month but it's already enticing beauty-conscious clientele. Owner Samira Asemanfar bills the salon as the first ever all-natural hair treatment bar because it uses everyday ingredients like avocados and bananas in $25-35 treatments that promise to strengthen and repair hair.

"Your hair will feel softer. I think it will feel more bouncy, clean and fresh when you are done with it," Asemanfar said.

ABC News' Cecilia Vega sat down for the full experience, getting two treatments done. On one side, she got honey, bananas, oil and an egg, and on the other, a combination of oils and avocado.

"Does it look like a salad on my head?," Vega joked.

Broot says these ingredients, unlike traditional shampoos and conditioners, are free of chemicals and help damaged hair in a natural way.

Vega wasn't alone in putting the treatments to the test. A few more ABC News correspondents gave the natural hair treatments a try live on "Good Morning America" Wednesday.

Amy Robach had the mayonnaise treatment, which Asemanfar said is the most moisturizing option. Mayonnaise protects the scalp from dandruff, and also contains vinegar, which gets rid of any old product build-up on your hair. And after the treatment is finished, the best to get it out is to soak your hair in the bath for about 10 minutes.

Juju Chang got the avocado and egg hair mask treatment. Avocado adds moisture and promotes hair growth. Egg strengthens hair follicles and adds volume, shine and texture.To apply, massage it right onto your root for fuller, thicker hair.

Linsey Davis received the banana hair mask treatment. Banana's help tame unwanted frizzies and can fix dry, thinning hair. They're also full of vitamin A and E, and are oil-free. If you have oily skin, Asemanfar said this is a great way to condition your hair without any oil.

Ready to give it a try yourself? Asemanfar provided " Good Morning America" with a special recipe for you to try at home to repair your hair the natural way.

The Broot's "Strength & Shine" All-Natural Hair Recipe

1/2 Banana 1 Egg 1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil 1 Tablespoon Jojoboa Oil 2 Tablespoon of Honey 2oz. h20

How to blend:

We recommend using a food processor:

Toss in the banana Pour in 1 oz. of water Begin to blend for 45 secs. Add remaining 1oz. of water Blend again Add Egg, oils, and honey Blend for 1.5 min to ensure that there are no chunks left When you pour into your bowl or bottle, use a strainer to get all the banana pieces out - otherwise it make sit harder to wash out of your hair

Sit with it in your hair for 15 - 20 min. Preferably under a heat cap to really penetrate all the nutrients of these wonderful ingredients into your hair follicles.

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