Zagat Ranks Top Fast Food Chains

(Image credit: Wendy's)

Zagat's 2012 fast food survey results are out. The popular restaurant guide surveyed 10,554 people who made a total of 1.2 million trips to fast food eateries per year. They ranked their favorite chains based on popularity, food, decor and service. The chains were divided between two categories: large, with 100 to 5,000 locations and mega, with over 5,000 locations in the United States.

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In-n-Out Burger was number one on the large chain lists for most popular, top-rated food, service and top overall. Surprisingly, their burger didn't do as well. It was listed fourth after Five Guys, Wendy's and Burger King.

McDonald's won for best french fries and breakfast sandwiches but didn't even make the list for best burger.

Subway topped the fast food mega chain lists for the most popular and service categories. In overall value, they ranked fifth behind McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell and Burger King.

Starbucks topped the list for best coffee. In the most popular quick refreshment category, the coffee chain edged out Dunkin Donuts. Caribou Coffee beat out both chains for top overall in the quick refreshment category.

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