Meet the Man Deemed 'Mr. Perfect'

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He has the bank account, the green eyes and the brown hair. He's not Tom Cruise, but to New York women, he's perfect, literally.

Hedge fund manager Ian Clague has been deemed "Mr. Perfect" in a survey of more than 9,000 New York women done by an online dating site.

"It's very amusing," Clague, 50, said today on " Good Morning America." "I've had a couple of girls call me and say they'd like to go to Istanbul."

Yes, Clague is foreign but his accent is not Turkish. He has a pedigreed British accent, which is perhaps part of his allure.

Clague, divorced with two children, hails from England and has two degrees from Cambridge University. He currently lives in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn and works at Auldyn Partners in New York's financial district, according to the New York Daily News.

He is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and earns more than $150,000, an important consideration for the women who completed the dating site's online survey,

The site, founded by the same man who started, bills itself as "the only online dating website where money can buy you love - or at least a first date."

"Generous members" can bid to get dates with "attractive members," thus allowing attractive people to "take a risk" on people perhaps not their usual type and letting wealthy people "get to know" attractive people, the site explains.

Clague, for one, describes the process as "fun," despite the irony that the very New York women who deemed him "Mr. Perfect" are the same ones who drove him to online dating as opposed to finding love the old-fashioned way.

"In New York we're all sort of busy," he said. "We're all preoccupied with our own concerns."

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