Boy's Attempt to Hide Carrots Caught on Dad's Camera

Kyle Chapman had the exit strategy to skipping eating carrots in order to go straight to the ice cream he really wanted planned out as only a 4-year-old could.

He told his dad, Dan Chapman, of Santa Clarita, Calif., to "close your ears and close your ears…really tight" while he ate his carrots.

The only problem? Kyle forgot that his dad loves to film videos of him on his iPhone, the same iPhone he happened to be holding while in "negotiation mode," as Chapman calls the carrot talks, with his son.

The result is a priceless video that, while may not have made Kyle happy, the Internet loves. The nearly three-minute video, posted by Chapman to YouTube in January, shows Kyle patiently waiting for his dad to close his eyes and then dumping his entire plate of carrots in the trash can while he assumes he is in the clear.

"I had my phone in my hand already and I just opened it to the camera," Chapman, a 40-year-old salesman, told "I didn't expect him to do all that but I thought I would get visual proof."

Chapman showed the video to Kyle afterwards and used the opportunity as a teachable moment.

"We talked about deception afterwards," said Chapman, also adding that Kyle did "absolutely not" get ice cream that night.

Chapman says he held the phone by his ear to shoot the video so that his son wouldn't know, but that he takes videos of his son so frequently that Kyle wouldn't have noticed anyways.

"He always likes seeing the videos of himself," Chapman said. "This one he wasn't that excited about."

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