Tea for Dessert? Designer Teas Are Put to the Test

VIDEO: DAVIDsTea Makes Specially Flavored Dessert Teas

Who knew tea time could be this much fun? DavidsTea has turned teas into desserts in a cup, with flavors like Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough and Movie Night.

They only have 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar. We put these teas to the test to see how they compared to their higher-calorie counterparts.

Movie Night: This green tea is mixed with pieces of apple and popped popcorn.

The Verdict : Just seeing popped popcorn in the tea tin made us smile. Despite the kernels of happiness, the popcorn flavor isn't that strong. Apple is the more prominent flavor in this tea. It's a light and smooth alternative for those starting to drink the stuff.

Birthday Cake : This sweet rooibos tea is speckled with freeze-dried ice cream bits and sprinkles

The Verdict : A whiff of this tea takes you back to childhood days of Funfetti birthday cakes. The tea is slightly sweet, on the darker side, and has a hint of berries. It doesn't entirely live up to its name but with a little milk and a touch of sweetener, this tea could possibly keep cake cravings at bay.

Cookie Dough: White tea is blended with cocoa nibs, almonds, walnuts, caramel pieces, cocoa brittle and chocolate chips.

The Verdict : As much as we love cookie dough, the thought of drinking it is a little less than appealing. This tea makes a good attempt at everyone's favorite guilty pleasure but it's our least favorite of the bunch.

Read My Lips: Chinese black tea, peppermint, dark chocolate, red lip sprinkles and pink peppercorns are the stars in this chocolate mint-inspired tea. The packaging on this tea says, "Okay, this is probably the world's best chocolate tea. Honestly. Better than dessert. It's the definition of irresistible."

The Verdict : We would definitely chose this tea over our regular black tea any day. The mint adds a little extra pep and would make it a great morning wake-up tea. The chocolate flavor we were hoping to taste didn't shine through as much as we expected. If you're hoping for a more chocolatey flavor, stick with the cookie dough.

Forever Nuts: The smell of this granola-like tea made of apples and nuts will make you want to skip steeping it and start eating it.

The Verdict : Once you get over the shocking pink color caused by a hint of beetroot, this tea will win you over. Earthy almonds and cinnamon make this the best of the bunch. This herbal tea is something we could get used to.

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