Airline Customizes In-Flight Meals

Airline food: Not the most appetizing thought. Typically-if it's offered at all-there's one or two things you can stomach from the tray of only somewhat identifiable food slapped down in front of you. Is that spinach? Green beans? Pesto pasta?

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Air Baltic has decided to take the guess work out of your in-flight meal. As first reported by Inflight Feed, the national airline of Latvia now lets passengers customize their meal pre-flight. Customers choose from an online menu to design a meal they'll love. Or at least, be able to identify. Simply drag and drop your items onto your virtual tray.

Image credit: Air Baltic

For example, you may choose chicken breast with garlic and potatoes as your main course, a green salad on the side, red wine and a bun. Oh wait, you're trying to eat less meat? Maybe you opt for the teriyaki salmon instead, with a Greek salad on the side. And now that you're having fish, white wine instead of red.

The food isn't free, but the price of each item is clearly identified, along with nutritional information.

Image credit: Air Baltic

The service is scheduled to launch next month. Air Baltic offers 20 pre-order meal options and four dietary meal options which include: Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Vegetarian and Kosher meals.

The catch? Passengers have to remember to order their meals at least 24 hours prior to departure. If you forget, you can still order the lasagna up to 40 minutes before departure.

The airline seems to be on the cutting edge of improving the in-flight experience. In 2012, Air Baltic announced plans to let passengers pick seats based on mood. Based on your mood - say, "Business Talk" - the airline finds a suitable seatmate.

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