Virgin America's Secret to 'Getting Lucky' at 35,000 Feet

VIDEO: Sir Richard Branson explains Virgin Americas new seat-to-seat delivery feature.

Picture it: You're waiting at the gate for your ( potentially delayed, thanks to FAA furloughs) flight to board. You spot a fellow traveler you'd love to share an arm rest with across the way. You make eye contact.

You think about approaching him or her. You're about to muster up the nerve to approach when suddenly! The gate attendant calls for an immediate boarding of all rows, all seats.

You hope travel hottie is in the seat next to you. Oh please, oh please, you think. But no luck. Travel hottie is seated in 7A. Travel hottie's seatmate? A 10-year-old with no apparent interests outside his iPad. You walk by to your seat - 13F - and kick yourself for letting the moment that could have changed your life forever pass you by.

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But wait! You're on Virgin America. There's hope. Because Richard Branson, the airline's flamboyant founder, claims he has the answer for "getting lucky" at 35,000 feet: Have a drink delivered to the object of your affection's seat.

Image credit: Virgin America

No need for an awkward interaction trying to enlist the help of a flight attendant, either. Just use your seat back's in-flight entertainment system.

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Simply order a drink, meal or snack on the airline's entertainment system, Red. Select his or her seat number for seat-to-seat delivery. Follow up, Branson suggests, with a "suggestive" comment using Red's existing seat-to-seat chat feature.

Chances for "getting lucky?" Branson says that while he's not a betting man, "your chances of deplaning with a plus-one are at least 50 percent."


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